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Think the Church. Design churches

Source: Ordem dos Arquitectos

The V Day of Liturgy, Art and Architecture reflects, on February 1 in Lisbon, the theme “Think the Church. Design churches. ”

After the opening session, scheduled for 9:45 am, with D. Manuel Clemente and João Luís Marques, the panel “Contextos” begins, centered on “Pensar a Igreja”; Canon António Janela (10:15 am), responsible for the parish of Santíssimo Coração de Jesus, whose church, a national monument, designed by architects Nuno Teotónio Pereira and Nuno Portas, welcomes the initiative.

The program continues with lectures by professor Helena Valentim (10:45 am), journalist António Marujo (11:30 am) and architect Hugo Casanova (12:00 pm), followed by the debate with the protagonists of «four different starting points».

During the afternoon, the “Forms” panel, which focuses on the design of churches, pays homage to architects «of great relevance in religious architecture in Portugal», through interventions by collaborators and friends.

António de Freitas Leal is evoked by Maria do Rosário Mourão (15h00), António Flores Ribeiro will be remembered by Father Lereno Dias (15h30), the figure of Diogo Lino Pimentel will have the memories of Hugo Venade (16h00), and Luiz Cunha is remembered by Paulo Miranda and António Sá Machado (16:30).

Following the debate (17:00), the President of the Order of Architects will intervene (17:45).

The meeting is complemented by two activities: on the eve, January 31, at 9 pm, in the Olivais Sul church a film about its conception, “The thickness of light”, by Pedro Vieira de Almeida is shown.

On February 2, at 4:30 pm, at the Sagrado Coração de Jesus church, the book “Nuno Portas: 18 shared works” (Circo de Ideias edition) is presented.

Registration on the day of the Day organized by the informal and voluntary group of architects "Atrium", dedicated «to sharing, studying and discussing architecture, art and liturgy», is mandatory (general public, € 10; students, 5 €).

Lunch will be free, with a restaurant next to the conference room.

The initiative has the support of the Center for the Study of Religious History of the Catholic University of Portugal, the Center for the Study of Architecture and Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of Porto, the Portuguese National Commission of ICOMOS, PRERICO, Art School António Arroio and Ordem dos Architects.

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