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CEES 2020 Conference - Coimbra, September 2020

Source: Ordem dos Arquitectos

CEES 2020 Conference - International Conference on Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Coimbra, September 2020

The international conference will take place in Coimbra, from 8 to 11 September 2020, and is being organized by Itecons, University of Coimbra and Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa.

The conference aims to bring together researchers, engineers, architects, other designers, agents from industry and decision-makers from different areas, to address, among other topics, the challenges related to the development of innovative construction materials and technologies, with the study of building physics and energy performance, with the assessment of the environmental impacts of construction and building activities, as well as the social aspects of construction and housing, as well as the new principles of industry 4.0.

The organization invites professionals and researchers involved in the areas of construction, energy and the environment to participate and send a summary for presentation at CEES 2020.

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