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27th UIA2021RIO World Congress of Architects - July 18 to 22, 2021

Source: 27º Congresso Mundial de Arquitetos UIA2021RIO

The global circumstances arising from the pandemic of the new Coronavirus meant that the 27th World Congress of Architects had to be transferred to July 2021. We regret the inconvenience caused to all and count on your understanding.

Our spirit is strengthened in the face of the new challenge that is posed for all those who are committed to the qualification of people's living space.

Never has the theme of a World Congress of Architects been more prophetic: All the Worlds. One World. Architecture 21.

So, we want to reiterate the invitation for you to be with us, in Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City.

Architects from all continents, urban thinkers, researchers, university students, builders, society and youth movements, technology and systems companies, academic and multilateral institutions, political and country representations, in short, under the unique scenario from Rio de Janeiro, were invited to compare experiences related to the construction of the space of social life. Now, with the new and brutal global reality, resulting from the pandemic, we are, more than ever, urged to reflect and propose about what we want for our cities and for our planet. The invitation thus expands.

It is a situation that corresponds to the global drama. But it is, above all, a call to responsibility for the way we are building our living environment.

The 27th UIA2021RIO World Architects Congress takes on a new level. It is part of the effort to rethink and propose a more supportive, more equitable world, with spaces that are better designed and better constructed for the use of all.

The schedule of the 27th World Congress of Architects is maintained. Of course, it will need to be adapted to the availability of more than a hundred speakers already contacted, but we trust that it will be successful. It is in tune, conceptually and scientifically, with the goals of the UN, UN-Habitat and UNESCO.

Now, however, we are also responsible for advancing, for going further, in the interpretation of the new challenges related to the future of cities.

The 27th World Congress originated and is part of the program of the Rio World Capital of Architecture UNESCO-UIA 2020, which will unfold in 2021, at least until the date of the great event.

The UIA2021RIO will be held in downtown Rio de Janeiro, a historic place in the city, depository of an architectural heritage that spans four and a half centuries. This heritage includes magnificent examples of Colonial Architecture up to Contemporary Architecture, where one of the most important buildings of Modern Architecture stands out, the former Ministry of Education and Culture, today the Capanema Palace. Designed in 1936 by a team of young architects at the time, Lucio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer, Jorge Moreira, Afonso Reidy, Ernani Vasconcelos and Carlos Leão, under Le Corbusier's original risk, the Capanema Palace will be one of the headquarters of the 27th World Congress of Architects. < / p>

Rio de Janeiro is called the Marvelous City because of its rich architectural insertion in a splendid, unique geography, which gave conditions for the development of a friendly, warm people, with great artistic talent, who know how to receive their visitors and make them friends. The relationship between beaches, forests and the built environment is unique, absolutely unforgettable.

Rio, however, is also a place to face important challenges for 21st century architecture. City with relevant contrasts, has in the favelas one of the most representative urban elements of the difficulties of cities with exponential growth, characteristic of the emerging world . It is a challenge that Congress will reflect on, now with more emphasis.

The month of July is one of the best for visitors. It has a mild temperature, is usually governed by a warm sun, and allows ample enjoyment of its natural and cultural beauties.

The city is the capital of the homonymous state, which is also a privileged place. Countless coastal and mountain cities are permanent attractions.

But Brazil is likewise a country full of opportunities for cultural and tourist enjoyment. It is worth knowing the charms of the Brazilian land, considered since the beginning of its colonization as a Paradise on Earth.

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, dear colleagues from All the Worlds.


Sérgio Magalhães, president of the Organizing Committee of the 27th UIA2021RIO World Architects Congress.

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